Segerstrom Center For The Arts

Segerstrom Center For The Arts – Argyros Plaza Signage

Project Description

The Julianne and George Argyros Plaza in Orange County, CA. is a dynamic new public gathering place attractive that welcomes  Orange County’s diverse communities to the state-of-the-art facility.  The lighting design for the Argyros Plaza signage was designed  by hospitality and retail specialists, HLB.

The design team worked with Targetti to identify the ideal solution to illuminate the signage with an outdoor IP67 rated solution. Fixtures used included the JEDI Recessed and the DuraTape 120V.

Project Details

Lighting Design HLB
©SAC Design
Location: Orange County, CA.

A Twist on the Traditional

The JEDI Recessed provided the ideal solution to illuminate the large letters of the Arts Center signage.  Twelve JEDI wall wash optics were recessed at the foot of each letter to provide the ideal amount of light  at 4000K for the signage to be seen across the center.  Each fixture was modified with a frosted glass lens.

Powerful things come in small packages

DuraTape120V was used to provide a consistent and soft glow of illumination for the top letters of the entry signage. The outdoor rated LED tape was placed in a recessed aluminum channel with a frosted lens to provide an easy to install solution that would provide consistent light output and color tone to match the Larger letters below.

Products Used:

JEDI Recessed Wall Wash

DuraTape 120V

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