1925 East Maple Ave.

1925 East Maple Ave, El Segundo, CA

Project Description

The lighting design for this project was expertly crafted by the team at Oculus Light Studio. What a fresh and modern take on a building with a variety of architectural elements and linear edges.

Striking focal lighting features were accomplished with two of Targetti’s most popular products – KEPLERO InGrade and ZEDGE Step Light.

Project Details

Lighting Design: Oculus Light Studio
Developer: REthink Development and EverWest Real Estate Investors
©SAC Design

Lighting the Way

The relationship between the ZEDGE vertical face and angled illuminated surface defines a discrete product that creates a strong architectural statement.

Stairway Accents

Crafted with a specially designed linear LED module, ZEDGE delivers uniform step lighting illumination in a choice of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

Project Features ZEDGE in a Floor Washer Faceplate with a Silver Finish.

Creative Mounting Delivers Optimal Solution

A custom application of Targetti’s powerful KEPLERO projector provided designers with the flexibility of an adjustable zoom optic in a compact fixture. The compact fixture was installed in a raised sleeve landscape planter mounted in concrete to deliver a dramatic lighting effect on the landscape design and to reach the architectural roof structure.

A Dynamic Duo

By combining the ZEDGE Step with the KEPLERO ZOOM ingrade, the design team has created a modern and pleasing path for visitors as well as a visually appealing nightime facade.

Products Used:

Keplero Mini Zoom


Floor Wash

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