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6.51″ X 1.95″

The Bulletto Series is a compact adjustable flood light projector design that fits easily into any environment and offers a versatile array of lumen and output in two sizes.

Bulletto Mini

6.28″ X 1.56″.

Zedge Series Expansion

Be sure to look for the new additions to the award-winning ZEDGE Family.

Designed in collaboration with Gensler.


Zedge Line Opal

Recessed Linear Steplight

The Zedge Line is a compact linear recessed wall mounted LED steplight with the versatility to be installed in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Zedge Line is the slim and slender version of the Zedge, available in the new Opal lensed version for softer and more diffuse illumination.

Zedge Bollard

Small Scale Bollard

Zedge is a steplight marker with a minimal design and compact size (2.5″ x 2.5″). The design has been reduced its core with its minimal proportion and nuanced scale. Now available as a small scaled bollard luminaire designed to bring the wall illumination into the landscaping environment.

The relationship between the vertical face and angled illuminated surface defines a discrete product that creates a strong architectural statement.


Drive Over Rated Small Ingrade

Jupiter Mini

Drive Over Rated Miniature Ingrade

Jupiter Series is a line of inground luminaires with lenticular optics that makes it possible to obtain defined, precise beams within a small body.

The drive over rated luminaire is now equipped with an optional integral anti-glare integral louver or asymmetrical screen. Jupiter Mini is also available in a compact adjustable projector flood light

Asymmetric Screen




Jedi Compact Recessed

The Jedi Compact is a new family originating from our popular Jedi Series. Available in the new Jedi Compact Recessed IP67 linear inground with high performance and compact dimensions.

Keplero Mini Wall Wash

Recessed 6″ Ingrade

Keplero Mini Wall Wash is a compact version with only a 6″ in diameter. It takes it’s technology and flexibility from the larger version, but given its dimensions and high performance, is also suitable for external lighting such as building facades and signage

Keplero Mini HE Factory Sealed

Recessed 6″ Ingrade

Our Keplero Mini HE fixture is now available as a tamper proof factory sealed complete fixture, to be delivered as a sealed unit directly from the Targetti USA factory.

Mr Smith

5.12″ x 5.12″ x 2.03″


New range of wall mounted fixtures for outdoor applications with a minimalist design and small footprint. Designed to mount alongside the Zedge Series with their proportions similar and attention to detail. Available in two different shapes: square for Mr Smith and rectangular for Mrs Smith.

Mrs Smith

12.01″ x 2.50″ x 2.03″

Marine Grade Option

Optional marine grade cataphoresis and painting treatment available, recommended for use between marine environments from the ocean shoreline to 1/2 mile inland.

With a corrosion protection level increase of 40%, this product is suited to inground installations in places close to the sea, unless the external coating is damaged and except for places with corrosive or oxidizing agents such as fertilizers, salt, weedkillers, pesticides.

Cataphoresis process is an electrodeposition of deep paint with continuous electric current. The deposited film gives the articles high anti-corrosion characteristics, extending over time the preservation of all the parts that are not reachable with a traditional spray system (boxed, deep folds, couplings between sheets).

OZ 48V System

Modular Magnet Mounted 48V System

Modular Magnet Mounted 48V System – Phase 2

OZ is the new magnetic 48V system: versatile, intuitive and easy to install with which it possible to create multiple configurations using special connections and different fixing systems. Free shapes to create on the ceiling, wall and suspension with the use of a power track or with special channels that can also be recessed. The system is fitted with magnetic LED light modules in two different fixed and adjustable versions.

The new OZ 48V magnetic system is already the subject of study and analysis to extend its design flexibility. Now the large 2″x 2″ light fixture module will also be available in an adjustable version.

OZ Small Fixed and Adjustable

1″ x 1″ x 3.35″

OZ Small Fixed 5X

5″ x 1″ x 2″

OZ Large Fixed and Adjustable

6″ x 2″ x 2″

OZ Large Fixed 3X

2″ x 2″ x 4″

Omega Surface / Omega Suspended

Wall Mounted Sconce or Linear

Suspended Ceiling Fixture

A range of cylindrical diffused opal lensed luminaries provide 270. distribution that softly illuminates the space.


The wall-mounted versions are available in two lengths and can be installed either horizontally or vertically. They are ideal for the lighting of common areas, stair wells and vanities, coordinated with the general lighting provided by the longer versions.


The suspension version has a single direct point of emission, supplied complete with suspension kit.

Iso Suspended

Linear Suspended Ceiling Fixture

A new surface and suspension light for the office and hospitality environments. Available in one size (83.15″ long) in a suspended version with direct lighting.

The union of two forms, has lead to the creation of a contemporary fixture that is both recognizable, yet discrete.



The diffused effect of Iso Opal is the result of a mirrored reflector with an opal lens. The light emitted appears soft and widespread, particularly suitable for reception areas in offices, hotels and spaces. In the direct/indirect light version, a line of light is present on the upper part, complete with diffusing lens to provide even light on the ceiling.


The UGR version is focused entirely on visual comfort. The color rendering index of CRI 90 and the perfect UGR lens. The sophisticated optical system, comprised of a mirrored reflector and prismatic lens, reduces the shadows and reflections that can cause disturbances on work surfaces. Ceiling-mounted and suspension versions.


The union of two forms, has lead to the creation of a contemporary fixture that isboth recognizable, yet discrete.

Fortyeight Family

Magnetic 48V track system

Magnetic 48V track system

A 48V modular system with variable lengths to be equipped with track projectors and linear light modules. The system that can be ceiling or wall, surface and suspension mounted, fitted at any point with linear lighting fixtures due to its simple fixing system. It is minimal in size.

Fortyeight Multisystem Track

3.28ft (1M) • 6.59ft (2M)

Fortyeight Label (2, 4, 6)

48V track projectors available in three sizes, specially designed for applications in the retail, interior and hospitality fields. Minimal, simple shapes with a remote power supply to reduce visual impact to the minimum. Available with three different beam openings, SP, FL and MWFL. Label 4 (1.57″ dia.) and Label 6 (2.32″ dia.) track projectors are equipped with aluminum reflectors to ensure soft gradient tones even for the narrower beams; the source is set back from the profile for maximum visual comfort. Label 2 features an optical system made of a polycarbonate lens and a holographic filter. Finally Label 2! The smallest adjustable 48V LED professional projector with a diameter of just 0.79.

Fortyeight Logico 30





48V linear modules complete with opaline screens for a soft and diffused lighting effect. The system can be configured in various ways on plan thanks to the use of linear joints and the new corner joints that make it possible to create closed and open loops.

Zeno Applique

Wall Mount Indirect Sconce Asymmetric Distribution

Zeno is a range of professional projectors especially designed for museum lighting, given the quality of the LED sources, the cutting edge optics and installation flexibility. The Zeno Applique uses a wall washer optic and is particularly suitable for lighting vaulted ceilings and archways. The optical unit can be adjusted from 0 to -90 degrees on the vertical plane; and 355 degrees on the horizontal plane with aiming blocking system.

Zeno is also available in the track projector version.

Duralamp Family Expansion

Targetti USA is proud to expand our very popular Duralamp family of products to the North American market.  We continue to deliver innovative tape and accent lighting solutions that compliment our Targetti product family.

Duraflex 120V Dim To Warm

A line voltage led strip featuring built in dim to warm preset dimming curve technology to create an elegant incandescent atmosphere.


Mini Duraflex Neon

Direct view miniature sized linear Duraflex Neon with colored frosted lens, corresponding with led color for a saturated look. For use in both illuminated and non illuminated signage elements and direct view applications.

Field cuttable at any length.

Duraflex Neon Twist

Fully twistable Duraflex that is field cuttable at any length.


Duraflex Optics

Linear led strip and embedded optics all in one!

Duraflex Optics Wall Wash

0.91″ X 0.43″

Duraflex Optics Wall Grazer

 0.91″ X 0.43″

Duratape Dim-To-Warm

Dim to warm LED strip in ranges of 1800K–3000K and 2700K–6000K on a single circuit.


Duratape Extreme Tunable CCT

Color changing strip with both color tunable white and full spectrum dynamic RGBA all combined in one linear strip.

Duratape Full Spectrum

Full spectrum static white strip with perfect color rendition, CRI of +98, no color shift, and tighter spacing leds


Duratape Ultra HD RGB

Dynamic colored rgb strip light featuring tighter spacing led sources with no pixelization to achieve shadowless light effects


Duratape PVX

PVX tunable flexible LED strip light for variable white color tuning allows the freedom to choose any warm white  color temperature from 1800K–3000K or any cool white color temperature from 3000K–6500K.


Duratape RGB Pixel Control

Dmx direct connect intelligent addressable 4″ (6 LED) segments.

Duratape S Bend






Bendable serpentine strip light for use with sign lighting and radius mounting applications.


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