OTTO – Indoor Range of Projectors

A new range of mini projectors available with different installation options with manual multi-optic adjustable beams.

Available in different installation types:

• Pole

• Ceiling (recessed or surface)

• Base (extractable and rotatable)

The manual focus is similar to a camera lens. By rotating the optical unit, the beam opening changes from 14° to 34°.


  •  Multi-Optic – Optical adjustable beam from 14° to 34 °
  • Multiple Heights
    • 7.48”, 9.84”, 12.2”
    • 1.18” dia.
    • 5W
    • SP, FL, Zoom
    • 3000K / 4000K
    • Remote dimmable driver


The manual focus, similar to a camera lens, rotates the optical unit extending it and the beam opening from 14º to 34º.