DBS – Dynamic Beam Shaping Technology

Dynamic Beam Shaping Technology

Targetti, with a wealth of successful experience in developing optical systems and meeting the different needs of the market in terms of design flexibility, is presenting an exclusive preview of the first light fixtures fitted with innovative Dynamic Beam Shaper (DBS) technology. These are projectors with variable optics that can vary the beam opening using digital input without using any mechanical system.

The combination of the expertise of Targetti and the exclusive technology from the American company Lens Vector, brought about the development of fixtures fitted with an optical system that can dynamically vary the beam opening angle passing in a gradual manner from a more concentrated SPOT (around 10°) type emission to a wider WIDE FLOOD (around 50°), flowing fluidly through all the all points in between. This technology based on the use of liquid crystal lenses makes it possible to vary the beam without using any mechanical or mobile parts but by using an IoT control system.

How it works
The Lens Vector technology uses flat lenses equipped with liquid crystal molecules whose orientation is controlled by an electric field capable of activating a process of light diffusion up to a maximum of 50°.

How it’s controlled
It is controlled using an IoT system using a Casambi application available for IOS and Android.
With the App it is possible to dim the source, set the desired beam opening, create dynamic scenes and soon also changing the color temperature in Tunable light versions.