DuraTape Strip Lights

Flexible, high efficacy, LED luminous light strips for continuous consistent illumination. Adjustable lengths for varied architectural accent, functional and general lighting applications. Available in color ranges 2200ºK–4000ºK for static white, monochromatic colors, tunable white, and color changing RGB and RGBW options.

All Duratape features 2-circuit substrate for optimum heat dissipation, minimizing voltage drop while increasing run lengths per power feed, standardizing electrical flow over entire length of the strip for maximum product reliability.

  • Various Mounting Channel and Lens Options
  • Sold per foot and manufactured to specified lengths with factory attached end preps
  • All Duratape features double sided solder points for maximum conductivity and durability
  • Pre-assembled to specific lengths with various connector options for project requirements and efficient power configuration
  • Optional mounting channels and clips, protective lens covers, thermal channels and heat transfer tape for optimal maintenance.
  • Multiple dimming options available


According to Human Centric Lighting principles, the kelvin temperature of light has a profound influence on people’s emotional state. DURATAPE TUNABLE CCT is fundamental for dynamic white light management to improve the overal environment and the well being of people who find themselves there. Dynamic white light is essential in environments where people remain for a long period of time, such as offices and schools. Its is equally useful to create different atmospheres within the same environment such as restaurants and hospitality environments. DURATAPE TUNABLE CCT offers two white colour temperature variations from 1800K to 3500K or from 2700K to 6500K.

DURATAPE Dim to  Warm

DURATAPE DIM TO WARM allows the light intensity to be decreased and the color temperature of the light to be varied at the same time by simulating the dimming curve of old incandescent lamps. Energy efficient linear LED white strip for linear applications with variable color temperature from 2700K to 6000K, all white shades possible to vary the atmosphere and environment. Version from 1800K to 3000K is particularly suitable for warm and welcoming atmospheres.


LED Tapelight strip emits sharp, color changing effects in outdoor niche, cove and architectural decorative applications.


Narrow spacing PC Tapelight for continuous monochromatic static saturated pure color in linear applications.