Flexible, high efficacy, LED luminous light strips for continuous consistent illumination. Adjustable lengths for varied architectural accent, functional and general lighting applications. Available in 2200K-3500K whites, monochromatic colors and RGB+W options. All dimmable to 0% for indoor and outdoor applications.

ES Essential White

Essential White ES Tapelight – Flexible linear LED strip for continuous consistent color linear applications.

DuraTape ES
Indoor & Outdoor

NEW – High CRI Tape


DuraTape ES 8W
Indoor & Outdoor

NEW – High CRI Tape


PVX Tunable White

PVX LED tunable flexible light strip for variable white color tuning allows the freedom to choose any warm white color temperature from 2200K-3000K or any cool white color temperature from 3000K-6500K.

DuraTape PVX Tunable White


LED Tapelight strip emits sharp, color changing effects in outdoor niche, cove and architectural decorative applications


LED Tapelight strip emits sharp, color changing effects in outdoor niche, cove and architectural decorative applications

DuraTape RGB
Indoor & Outdoor



DuraTape RGBW
Indoor & Outdoor


PC Pure Color

Narrow spacing PC Tapelight for continuous monochromatic static saturated pure color in linear applications.

DuraTape PC Single Color
Indoor & Outdoor


DuraTape 120V

Introducing our new 120V LED Strip tape for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. This versatile LED Strip allows you to simply, plug and go, as no transformer or driver is required. The light and color uniformity remain consistent along the entire strip with runs up to 3 feet on a single feed. Available in a choice of wattages and color temps (2700K, 3000K, 3500K).

DuraTape 120V
All Environment




A variety of LED Strand and Cable lighting solutions.  The Festoon style lighting delivers a virtually maintenance free solution for festive lighting of interior and exterior courtyards, patios, gazebos and mall areas. The High Output LED Strand – Duralum is constructed with multiple adjustable LED modules in multiple spacings and mounting accessories for a fully flexible system for directional control of premium color illumination.

DuraLED Cable Text



Ball Strand


Indoor & Outdoor



We offer a versatile line of decorative and specialty lamps in multiple sources and sizes, as well as full line of architectural lighting solutions ideal for accent, task and general indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

DecoLED Prisma Candle

DecoLED Aurora

DecoLED Stargrazer


MR16 & CTA MR16 / CTA PAR16. The smallest dimmable lamp designed to provide a powerful and high efficacy solution to mimic incandescent and halogen lamps.

Matrix MR16
White & CTA

Matrix PAR16

DecoLED Techno Vintage Lamps

Dura lamp provides the ideal retro filament style LED lamp – fully dimmable and energy efficient at 4W. A classic look with modern output and efficiencies, this series features a medium base socket for easy replacement of conventional incandescent lamps and is available in multiple sizes and styles in a warm 2200K color.

DecoLED Tecno Vintage
G25 Lamp

DecoLED Tecno Vintage
S21 Lamp

DecoLED Tecno Vintage
T10 Lamp

DecoLED Tecno Vintage
Candelabra Lamp

DecoLED Tecno Vintage
A60 Lamp