Red O Restaurant

RED O Restaurant, La Jolla,  CA

Project Description

The lighting design for this upscale Mexican Restaurant in San Diego, California was perfectly implemented by HLB Lighting Design. DuraTapeES was used to throughout the restaurant to provide soft illumination and accents in small coves, detailed ceiling work and throughout the bar areas and shelving as well as accent lighting on key areas of the building exterior.

The Keplero Mini Zoom provides the ideal floodlight projector to accent the landscaping as it matures and grows through the years.

Project Details

Lighting Design: HLB Lighting Design

©SAC Design

Accenting Textures

DuraTapeES was used to highlight the detailed ceiling work of these textured ceiling panels as guests enter the restaurant hallways.

The Ceilings Have It!

DuraTape ES utilized in this cove provides the ideal amount of accent lighting to complete the decorative pendant.

Reflective Illusion

By illuminating the glass shelving and other portals of the bar area, the soft illumination of the LEDs provide a comforting and artistic glow that compliment the variety of bottles and displays.

Versatile Design

The beauty of using the same LED DuraTape ES product throughout the space allows for uniformity in light output and color temperatures.  A multitude of application and installation variations can be seen throughout the restaurant from cove, shelf lighting to undershelf.

Exterior Highlights

The Keplero Mini Zoom was used on the restaurant exterior to accent the landscaping.  The beauty of using the Keplero Mini Zoom is that as landscaping matures and changes, shape and size zoom optics can be adjusted in beam spread and direction to adjust with the changing landscape.

Pathway Lighting

DuraTape ES expands it use in this project by being utilized with the IP67 version for exterior applications and installed not only as a form of pathway lighting leading guests to the restaurant entrance but also as a architectural accent on the building exterior.

Products Used:

DuraTape ES

Keplero Mini Zoom

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