Zeno is track projector equipped with an optical system that can vary the beam opening in a dynamic way passing gradually from a concentrated Spot type emission (around 10°) to Wide Flood (around 50°) moving through all steps in between fluidly. The technology, which uses liquid crystal lenses, makes it possible to vary the beam without the use of mechanical or mobile parts using an IoT control system. In addition to the high-quality LED sources with Ra97 and primary optics designed by Targetti.

Zeno DBS combines some of the most advanced technology in terms of optical systems and digital control in one fixture. On one hand, the dynamism of the optical system ensures maximum project flexibility without any mechanical parts and on the other, digital control designed by Targetti in collaboration with TCI means that all the electronics are inserted in the driver box without the need for any external accessories. Using wireless CASAMBI controls that are compatible with IOS and Android, it is possible to control the intensity and beam opening and soon also the color temperature of the light source as well.

Innovation means thinking of new ways to design, it means accepting challenges and seizing the opportunities that arise from the outside world and create value by satisfying the needs of those in the industry. Zeno DBS represents this way of innovating: creating a highly technological tool with a simple interface and a wide variety of uses.


  • 5.28″w x 8.58” H x 5.75″ Base
  • 29W
  • 3000K / 4000K
  • DBS (Dynamic Beam Shaping – SP, FL, MWF, WF)
  • Plaster White / Deep Black