The TONES Collection

The TONES Collection –

TONES is a new way to light space. Seven different shades of light to express different light spectrums specially designed to exalt and enhance different combinations of materials and colors, typical of mood boards that are so popular in contemporary architecture and interior design. A completely new light, highly specialized that has never been seen before.

A design collaboration with GENSLER

Every light spectrum is the result of a joint study between Targetti technical staff and a team of architects from Gensler, one of the largest architectural firms in the world. Targetti and Gensler analyzed different combinations of materials and colors that are used in modern architecture and created the most suitable spectrum of light for each of them to enhance each composition, both as a whole as well as every single component. This was possible thanks to the international experience of all participants on the selection and use of materials who were aware of the exact physical and color characteristics of each one, and the technological know-how of the Targetti team who first helped them to digitally recreate the specific light spectrum for each color composition and then reproduced it industrially.

All TONES are composed of a precise LED combination, each with a different spectrum that has been carefully selected, mixed together and controlled to produce an ideal light spectrum: every combination was defined after extensive analysis of its capacity to reproduce the colors of the various samples in a harmonious way. All TONES have a precise color temperature but what really sets them apart from standard LED lamps and gives them added value are the extremely rich emission spectrums and the adherence (Color Quality) that testify to the actual rendering capacity of various colors, information that goes beyond every single color rendering index. Thanks to the light produced by TONES perfect color identity is ensured with the characteristics of the materials and colors of the various compositions, the perception of different textures of materials is improved and contrasts and countless shades are enhanced to strengthen the expressive message as a whole.

The TONES range is ideal for domestic, retail, hotel and entertainment lighting, spaces where there is an interior design project that takes into account colors and materials aimed at creating a style and an atmosphere and to elicit particular emotions


“This is a Godsend for designers with the aim to designing an emotive space”

Architectural SSL Product Innovation Award Judges

Choose from 7 typologies of individual TONES or select in a color family of WARM, NEUTRAL, or COOL.

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Nostalgia, Traditional, Rich, Timeless, Sunset, Dusk

Ideal materials: bricks, leather and carpet

Palette: red, violet, brown and orange

Inspired by warm colors of the sunset TONES CALM was created to light the lounge areas in a famous resort in California, where the need was to have the same colors inside as outside at sunset. This particular luminous spectrum is ideal to light materials that transmit warmth with a definite texture. Ideal for spaces where you want to convey calmness, warmth and relaxation. It is certainly the tone that is closest to that of an incandescent lamp, but unlike the latter it can respect the veracity of colder colors.


Professional, Sophistication, Masculine, Classic

Ideal materials: gold-plated metals, various shades of wood and flesh tones.

Palette: gold, mustard, different shades of brown, grey, azure and white.

A well calibrated spectrum particularly focused on warm yellow tones but with peaks of blue and green to ensure perfect perception of white and grey, as well as perfect rendering of warm tones. It is ideal for lighting a palette of colors and materials with darker tones to create a sophisticated look. The mix of dark greys, blacks and mustard brings to mind a more masculine, “classic” style space.


Dynamic, Vital, Exciting, Lively, Colorful, Refreshing, Recharge, Spa

Ideal materials: plastic, leather, wood and woven fabrics

Palette: neutral tones, azure, violet, green and beige

Finally, a light with warm shades that can enhance blue and azure. It has a well-balanced spectrum that can enhance warm neutral tones as well as colder colors like azure and blue and brighter and brilliant shades. A light tone that can reinforce the message of relaxation and naturalness. Color combinations used where the intention is to elicit emotions with earth colors and jewel tones.


Zen, Corporate, Sanctuary

Materials: prints, stone materials, plasterwork and wood

Palette: white, grey, brown and mustard

A neutral tone light that works very well with whites and greys as well as warm bright shades such as mustard and burgundy. The combination between the finishes and “collaborative” lights dedicated to them reinforce the message of an elegant, warm and refined style.


Techy, Modern Urban

Materials: marble, metal, stone and wood

Palette: pure white, black, brown, yellow, red and orange

A soft, neutral light that works well with natural materials like stone, wood and metals, yet at the same time capable of reproducing black and white faithfully. A light that can combine materials and warm and cold shades for a more modern, urban appearance.


Crafted, Tranquil, Quaint, Welcome, Dark

Materials: plastic, prints and leather

Palette: white, black and saturated colors

The ideal light for enhancing “non” colors like deep black and pure white, that can also respect saturated colors such as bright red.  This “energetic” light enhances this timeless style in a combination of important, refined, geometric and rigorous contrasts that can relax users and transmit energy to them at the same time.


Raw, Discrete, Open, Happy, Beachy, Biophilia, Natural

Materials: all materials

Palette: all colors

Certainly, this is the best light for spaces with a wide range of materials and colors. This is a neutral light, the coldest in the TONES range that is also capable of reproducing warm tones faithfully. From tests carried out it is certainly the light with the best color rendering on a large number of samples which makes it an excellent compromise where there are no obviously dominant colors. A bright light that reproduces neutral tones light grey and bright green very well which makes it suitable to bring a dash of nature inside closed spaces and enhance them. Gives a sense of freedom and vitality.

Evoke a specific Emotion in…


Cove, Recessed, Linear, Accent, Pendant and a variety of Architectural lighting applications.

Multiple applications and a choice of 11 typologies to evoke your desired Emotion