Targetti Indoor

Recessed Downlights


With the innovative downlight features, common denominators of all CCTLed products, which include the construction system, the size (same mounting diameter), the original heat sink and platform, this new low luminance version is particularly suitable for professional architectural illumination, providing high performance, precision and versatility.

CCTLed Mini 4″
Architectural Fixed

Low luminance LED recessed projector.

CCTLed Mini 4″

Low luminance LED recessed adjustable projector.

CCTLed 6″
Architectural Fixed

Low luminance fixed recessed LED spotlight

CCTLed 6″
Architectural Adjustable

Low luminance adjustable recessed LED spotlight.

CCTLed 6″
General Illumination

LED recessed downlight.

(Smart, Tech, Feel)

CCTLed 6″
Wall Wash

Recessed wall washer LED downlight.


Adjustable Recessed LED downlight projectors.

STORE Mini Gimbal

Compact Adjustable Recessed LED Projector Downlight

STORE Gimbal

Adjustable Recessed LED Projector Downlight

Recessed Projector


The unique design is the distinguishing trait of CLOUD. A single piece, where only the optic’s enclosure is visible, while the more voluminous heat sink remains hidden into the ceiling even when the body is fully extracted, minimizing its presence.


CLOUD Mini 4"

Extractable LED downlight  projector


Extractable LED downlight projector

Track Projector


The LEDÓ projector stands out for its natural attitude for innovation. The fixture is minimalist, compact and light, with integral drivers built into the fixture body. Whether the environment is contained and intimate or spacious and complex, LEDÒ provides all the power and efficacy of a comprehensive lighting range that is ready to meet any and every design requirement.


Professional adjustable LED track projector


STORE range offers a complete solution for lighting projects in the retail market. STORE is available in the recessed Gimbal or projector version, with a versatile selection of wattages.

STORE Projector

Professional adjustable LED track projector

STORE Gimbal Series

Includes a Track Projector, recessed Gimbal and Mini-Gimbal in a versatile selection of wattages



A large suspension fixture in your choice of 41.9" and 59.1" diameters. Ideal for large spaces, Ercole delivers an extremely uniform diffused light in your choice of down or up / down distributions.



Direct or direct/indirect emission suspension LED fixture.