DECOLED Vintage Lamps

DecoLED™ – Techno Vintage LED Lamps

This vintage lamp series delivers today’s LED technology in an energy efficient lamp with a classic look but modern output and efficiencies. The series is fully dimmable and available in 4W. This series features a medium or candelabra base for easy replacement of conventional incandescent lamps and is available in multiple sizes and styles in a warm 2200K color. The classic looking lamp provides up to 350 lumens with high efficacy of up to 100LM/W over conventional incandescent lamps. Available in 120 VAC. Dimmable on TRIAC or leading edge dimmer.


DecoLED Tecno Vintage

3.25”D x 4.6”H

DecoLED Tecno Vintage

2.28”D x 5.12”H

DecoLED Tecno Vintage

2.52”D x 5.51”H

DecoLED Tecno Vintage

1.10”D x 7.38”H

DecoLED Tecno Vintage

1.3”D X 3.9” H